Cargo Owners & Financial Stakeholders

Cargo owners and financial stakeholders signing up the SRTI:

  • Use SRTI data to inform their decision-making, and make a public statement to that effect.
    See examples of high level public statements of SRTI signatories; SRTI signatories are encouraged to include similar messaging in their communications materials.
  • Join the SRTI community through participation in the ongoing dialogue to ensure data generated through the SRTI online platform is actionable, providing the information needed to make more informed decisions.
  • Develop incentives to drive responsible ship recycling policy, practice and performance through the market.
  • Are publicly recognised as an SRTI signatory in SRTI communications materials (company logo submitted upon signing up via the online platform) and proactively support the recruitment of SRTI signatories.

As SRTI signatories, cargo owners and financial stakeholders benefit from this ‘one stop shop’ of information on ship recycling approaches across the maritime industry. The SRTI will help cargo owners meet the growing expectations of their customers through a more transparent and accountable supply chain; it will also support financial stakeholders’ critical risk management strategies for investments in ships. All stakeholders will be able to use SRTI data to understand what is happening in ship recycling around the world, support good practice and hold the industry to account.