Company Description:

Sea Sentinels is a well-established Singapore-based consultancy with a high level of expertise and experience in sustainable recycling of ships and offshore units.
Sea Sentinels has acted as a trusted recycling partner for many reputable industry clients and boasts a strong track record of successful recycling projects at different locations worldwide with zero accidents , zero pollution and zero risk to corporate reputation.
We have completed multiple projects with regulatory compliance at locations including Alang in India , Aliaga in Turkey Batam in Indonesia and, until the end of 2018, in China.
Sea Sentinels is also part of a UK-funded research project for safe and sustainable decommissioning of offshore structures in the ASEAN region.

Head Office Location: SINGAPORE
Ship Types Covered: Container, Passenger, Gas carriers, RORO, Cruise, Livestock, Bulk, OSVs, Fishing, Tanker, General Cargo, Vehicle Carrier, LOLO, Other


GES International

Company Description:

Service provider to institutional investor clients focussing on responsible investment

Head Office Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Ship Types Covered: None of these


Company Description:

RightShip is the world’s leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation

Head Office Location: N/A
Ship Types Covered: Container, Gas carriers, RORO, Bulk, Tanker, General Cargo

Bollore Logistics

Company Description:

Freight Forwarding company

Head Office Location: Paris
Ship Types Covered: Container