By signing up to the SRTI, cargo owners join other signatories in demonstrating their commitment to transparency and responsible ship recycling.

As part of the SRTI community, cargo owners can feed into the initiative’s further development, including recruitment of other signatories, engagement through events, as well as further development of the ship recycling disclosure criteria.

Join the SRTI

What value does the SRTI bring to cargo owners?

The SRTI provides value to cargo owners who seek information on which to base their sourcing-related decisions, allowing them to meet the growing expectations of customers for a more transparent and accountable supply chain.

Cargo owners join a diverse community of likeminded sustainability leaders, leveraging their brand to drive responsible ship recycling practices through the market.

Photo credit: Hapag-Lloyd
Photo credit: BMW

How can cargo owners use SRTI data?

Cargo owners can use SRTI data to develop incentives and build these into existing supplier codes of conduct and sustainability strategies, by e.g. setting specific ship recycling criteria to be met and demanding transparency as a minimum requirement in procurement processes.

If you are interested in building SRTI data into your procurement processes, please reach out.

Signing up to the SRTI

To become signatories, cargo owners and forwarders should simply complete the signatory form.

The annual fee for cargo owners and forwarders is 2500 EUR. Once the signatory form has been completed, you will be contacted by the SRTI Secretariat to arrange payment of the annual fee.