Driving progress through transparency

The SRTI uses transparency to drive progress on ship recycling by way of a one-stop-shop online platform to share information on ship recycling.

Through the SRTI, shipowners can voluntarily disclose information on their respective ship recycling policies, practices and progress, holding themselves to account before key stakeholders and for the benefit of the wider public.

Simultaneously, stakeholders such as cargo owners and financiers can become signatories, demanding transparency from shipowners on their approach to ship recycling and using SRTI data to make informed decisions and reward good practice through the market.

Disclosure Questionnaire

The Disclosure Questionnaire is the core element of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, serving as a comprehensive tool for shipowners to voluntarily disclose the most relevant information on their ship recycling policies, practices, and progress. This structured questionnaire enables transparency, accountability, and the promotion of sustainable practices within the industry and it is provided by shipowner on an annual base.

Key areas of disclosure

Shipowners disclose data through the Disclosure Questionnaire on five key areas:

  1. Ship recycling policy and standards
  2. Policy for selling owned vessels for further trading
  3. Ship recycling contract
  4. Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Ship Recycling Documentation

Implementation of the ship recycling policy and standard

“This initiative is helpful to any investor who wants insights to the very complex question of ship recycling. With key information on a company level this initiative will enable investors to better assess related risks and opportunities.”

Morten Therkildsen
Managing Director
Nykredit Asset Management

Who is disclosing?

There are currently 14 shipowners disclosing their approach to ship recycling through the SRTI platform.

Shipowners by vessel type

Number of ships operated

Ship recycling policy and standards

Policy for selling owned vessels for further trading

Members specific data

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View and export each shipowners’ full disclosure

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