The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to transparency, sustainability, and industry collaboration.

A Fresh Look and User-Friendly Interface

The redesigned website features a modern, intuitive design, providing visitors with a seamless and engaging experience. Our goal is to make information easily accessible and to foster a sense of community within the ship recycling industry.

Exclusive Members’ Area

One of the key highlights of the revamped website is the introduction of a dedicated Members’ Area. SRTI members now have privileged access to exclusive documents, presentations, pitch decks, and other resources that enhance their engagement with the initiative. This exclusive section serves as a valuable repository of insights and knowledge-sharing among industry leaders.

Reimagined News Section

The news section has undergone a thorough revision to become a central hub for industry updates and SRTI announcements. Serving as a dynamic point of distribution for the latest news, the section aims to keep stakeholders, members, and the broader industry informed about key developments, initiatives, and best practices in ship recycling transparency.

What to Expect

  • Enhanced User Experience: Navigate seamlessly through the renovated website and discover the new sections that are now easier to access.
  • Members’ Area: We created an area exclusively for the SRTI where members can access exclusive content, presentations, and resources.
  • Revisited News Section: Stay updated with industry news and SRTI announcements, contributing to a more informed and connected community.

Embracing the Future

As the ship recycling landscape evolves, so does the SRTI. Our refreshed website reflects our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the continuous pursuit of industry excellence. We invite you to explore the new website and engage with the valuable resources now at your fingertips.

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