Amsterdam, March 13, 2023 

Smart Freight Centre to be the new host for SRTI

SRTI will be hosted by Smart Freight Centre (SFC). SRTI was founded as a purpose-driven community with a focus on responsible recycling of ships and will keep its status as a unique group within SFC. The SRTI signatories will not automatically become SFC members but are invited to join SFC as base or premium members if they want to get involved with other SFC programs. SRTI will be managed by a dedicated SRTI Manager, who will be announced soon. 

Smart Freight Centre is an international non-profit organization focused on reducing greenhouse gas emission from freight transportation. SFC’s goal is to guide the global logistics industry to track and reduce its GHG emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050 or earlier. SFC collaborates with global partners to quantify impacts, identify solutions, and advocate logistics decarbonization strategies.  

Organizations on their journey to freight decarbonization can become members of Smart Freight Centre to access to a wide portfolio of initiatives and projects to help them collaborate to improve their GHG emission performance and supply chain economics. Membership unlocks solutions through several SFC programs, including Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), Clean Cargo, Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance (SFBA), and an (under development) air transport decarbonization initiative.  

Smart Freight Centre has 150 + member and partner organizations, being shippers, cargo owners, MNCs and LSPs.  

SRTI and SFC are on a mission to work towards a more transparent, responsible and sustainable shipping industry. Synergies between the organizations include an overlap in members/signatories as well as competencies – with SFC already having experience of hosting Clean Cargo and other data-driven initiatives.  

Smart Freight Centre as host is closely linked to the shipping sectors and the multi- stakeholder approach needed to tackle these big sustainability challenges, as well as the benefits of data and transparency for those stakeholders looking to clearly show their commitment to leadership and taking responsibility.  

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