We are pleased to announce that the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative has been awarded funding through the Engineering X Safer End of Engineered Life Mission.

Engineering X, an international collaboration founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, has awarded nearly £1 million in grants across six projects with the aim of achieving safer and more sustainable decommissioning and waste disposal.

Photo credit: Wallenius Wilhelmsen

This award will advance the SRTI’s work through the expansion of the existing shipowner disclosure criteria, as well as through the development of a set of criteria to be used by ship recycling facilities to voluntarily and transparently disclose information about their policies and practices.

The funding will further contribute to improvements in the online platform, which will see added functionality including data visualisation, filtering and extraction in the coming months with the goal of improving access, transparency and ease of use of SRTI data for all stakeholders.

We are pleased to work with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and other Engineering X awardees to work toward safe and sustainable ship recycling. Through this project, we want to improve transparency across the value chain, encourage stakeholders to use SRTI data, and to level the playing field in ship recycling.

Andrew Stephens, Executive Director
Sustainable Shipping Initiative / Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative

You can read more about how the SRTI is funded here.

This year has been the SRTI engage the ship recycling community through a series of webinars, focusing on three key themes of data and transparency, circular economy, and the role of financial stakeholders, for the further development of the platform.

The SRTI family has grown to 26 signatories this year, including shipowners Altera Infrastructure and Evergreen Marine Corporation, and our first P&I club Gard.