What are the terms on which an SRTI signatory becomes a member of the SRTI Steering Group?

The SRTI Steering Group is made up of no more than 6 members when the number of SRTI Signatories is smaller than 50. The number is limited to no more than 8 when the number of Signatories is less than or equal to 65; and no more than 10 when there are more than 65 Signatories.

At the annual meeting of SRTI Signatories at least 3 Steering Group Members (as selected by the Steering Group) can continue for another year, the remainder retire automatically but can stand for re-election.

The Steering Group may vote for the removal of a Member if there is reasonable doubt of the Steering Group in the Member’s commitment to the SRTI’s Principles and/or compliance with the Anti‐trust Compliance Policy; or, if the Member representative changes employment to that of another SRTI Signatory; or if the company that the Steering Group Member represents is no longer an SRTI Signatory then that Member will automatically cease to be a Member of the Steering Group.

Decisions relating to the removal of Steering Group Members requires a two thirds majority of other Steering Group Members.

The make‐up of the Steering Group should reflect the diversity of the SRTI community, taking into account factors such as industry segment, company size and country/region of origin.

The Steering Group will meet quarterly, or as frequently as the Members subsequently sees fit, either via tele- or video-conference or in person. The Chairperson will not vote unless required to break a tie in voting.

Quorum for Steering Group meetings is at least 50% of the Steering Group.

Decisions of the Steering Group will be made by a simple majority, except for decisions relating to the suspension of Members which require a two-thirds majority (in which case any Steering Group representative of the Signatory in question shall not attend the Steering Group meeting and shall not have a vote at the Steering Group meeting).

Additional meetings may be called as necessary jointly by the Chairperson and on 14 days’ notice or for urgent business with shorter notice providing a majority of the Steering Group agree.