The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) continues to spearhead discussions and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability within the maritime industry with a particular focus on the ship recycling industry. As a recognition of the unique voice in the ecosystem, the SRTI was invited to host and moderate a panel at the “Ship Recycling Forum” organized by Tradewinds held in Singapore from 11 to 12 October 2023.

The Ship Recycling Forum, renowned for gathering industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts, provided a significant platform to deliberate upon crucial aspects of responsible ship recycling practices. The SRTI’s invitation to join the panel underscores its pivotal role in advocating for transparency, accountability, and sustainability in the ship recycling sector.

During the forum, the SRTI Program Manager Giulio Venier highlighted the organization’s commitment to driving positive change by emphasizing the importance of responsible ship recycling practices tied to the growing Green Steel economy. The role of scrap steel is playing a big role in driving the industry towards its betterment.

The panel discussion facilitated an exchange of ideas, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the ship recycling landscape. On the stage together with the SRTI, there were three panelists that provide useful insights on the industry and the topic:

Through the SRTI’s participation, the forum gained valuable perspectives on creating a more ethical and environmentally conscious approach to ship recycling. Notably, the SRTI was well represented on another panel with the presence of Wolfram Gunthermann (Hapag LLoyd) and Anette Ronnov (Wallenius Wilhemsen). You can watch the entire panel by clicking the video below.

The SRTI remains dedicated to its mission of transforming the ship recycling industry by encouraging transparency and accountability. The organization’s active involvement in such influential forums further solidifies its commitment to driving positive change and promoting sustainable practices across the maritime sector.

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