We are excited to announce that the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) will be participating as a panelist in the upcoming Riviera “Responsible Ship Recycling 2024” event in Brussels on May 29th. Christoph Wolff, CEO of Smart Freight Centre, will offer the audience the latest updates on ship recycling from our Program’s perspective.

The panel, titled “Navigating Transparency: The Future of Sustainable Ship Recycling,” will explore how initiatives like the SRTI are shaping the industry’s future. Attendees will gain insights into how transparency and collaborative efforts can elevate industry standards and promote responsible ship recycling practices.

We are proud to highlight the participation of two esteemed SRTI members, Grieg Green and Se Sentinels, who will also contribute their expertise to the discussion. Their involvement underscores the strength and commitment of our community in driving sustainable practices within the industry.

Panel Highlights:

  • Regulatory Landscape Evolution – We’ll discuss how assessing ship recyclers’ performance based on current regulations can elevate industry standards. Transparency as a tool for fostering accountability and promoting responsible practices through an independent tool will be a key focus.
  • Ship Recycling and Green Steel – Learn about the blueprint for sourcing sustainable steel scrap from ship recycling and how it contributes to greener practices.
  • Supply Chain and Ecosystem Perspective – We’ll delve into optimizing resources and waste management through a comprehensive understanding of the ship recycling ecosystem and its connections.
  • The Role of Finance Stakeholders – Explore how finance stakeholders can leverage their influence to push the industry standards higher, drawing on the experience of the Poseidon Principles for decarbonization.

The SRTI started to focus on a more comprehensive work with regional partners and subject matter experts to draft a “Yard Assessment Framework” that will support the definition of the baseline for ship recycling operations. This framework, along with our Disclosure Questionnaire, will provide an overview of recycling practices and fosters a culture of transparency and accountability to continue driving sustainability in the sector.

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Discover how we are working to connect industry front-runners and collaborating together to improve the future of ship recycling. Together, we can navigate the path towards a more sustainable and transparent industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and see you at the event!