Financial stakeholders including banks, lenders and insurance companies demonstrate their commitment to transparent and responsible ship recycling by becoming SRTI signatories.

As part of the SRTI community, financial stakeholders can feed into the initiative’s further development, including recruitment of other signatories, engagement through events, as well as further development of the ship recycling disclosure criteria.

Join the SRTI
Photo credit: Wallenius Wilhelmsen

What value does the SRTI bring to financial stakeholders?

The SRTI provides value to financial stakeholders who seek information on which to base their risk management strategies for investment, lending and risk coverage of shipowners, allowing them to meet the growing expectations of their stakeholders.

By signing up to the SRTI, financial stakeholders join a diverse community of likeminded sustainability leaders, leveraging their influence to drive responsible ship recycling practices.

How can financial stakeholders use SRTI data?

Financial stakeholders can use SRTI data to develop incentives to drive responsible ship recycling policies, performance and practice through the market, raising the bar for current ship recycling practice.

If you are interested in using SRTI to inform your financing decisions, please reach out.

Signing up to the SRTI

To become signatories, financial stakeholders should only complete the signatory form.

Lenders and insurance companies pay an annual fee of 5,000 EUR. Once the signatory form has been completed, you will be contacted by the SRTI Secretariat to arrange payment. Investors do not pay an annual fee.

Photo credit: Hapag-Lloyd