Did you know that before the 19th century, wooden boats bid farewell in a rather unconventional manner – set ablaze or “conveniently sunk” at the end of their lifecycle? The journey from repurposing metal to addressing crucial environmental and social challenges has dramatically reshaped the ship recycling landscape.

Fresh off the ACI Ship Recycling Congress in Athens (February 7/8), where industry leaders convened, I’m excited to share some insights into the strides we’re making towards a sustainable future.

Unlocking Potential: Ship recycling goes beyond mere vessel dismantling; it’s the nexus connecting steel makers to vital ESG metrics, ensuring supply chain transparency in the shipping industry. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in understanding this industry evolution.

SRTI Center Stage: As the Program Manager of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, I’m honored to share our vision. The Initiative took center stage at the congress, alongside SRTI members Hapag-Lloyd AG and Sea Sentinels. This underscores the pivotal role transparency plays in responsible practices, catalyzing positive change.

Navigating Regulations: Notably, the ship recycling regulatory framework remains one of the biggest concerns among industry stakeholders. Addressing these challenges is crucial to fostering a sustainable and compliant future for our industry.

Rising Steel Demand: The ship recycling industry is gaining increased attention due to the growing demand for scrap steel. As industries strive for sustainable practices, the role of ship recycling in meeting this demand is becoming increasingly significant.

Prioritizing Social Welfare: Amid these transformations, it’s crucial to underline that the social welfare of ship recycling industry workers remains a paramount priority. Ensuring fair labor practices, providing adequate safety measures, and fostering a positive working environment are cornerstones of the necessary commitment to a responsible and ethical ship recycling industry.

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