🚢 Dive into the World of Ship Recycling! 🌊 

The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative is inviting you to join us on June 12th at 10 AM CET for an exclusive webinar episode: “The Ship Recyclers Perspective.” 

Get ready for an insightful discussion panel with industry experts providing regional updates and shedding light on the challenges and future tech in ship recycling. 

Through the voices of our guests, we will get an update on the challenges of ship recyclers as well as an outlook into the future of the industry. 

Panel Composition 

Moderator: Pia Meling [Grieg Green] 

Guest speakers 

  • Jemish Donda [ShreeRam Group] 
  • Dimitris Ayvatoglu [Leyal] 
  • Walton Pantland [IndustriALL] 
  • Mohammed Zahirul Islam [PHP] 

Join link 

To register and secure your spot, please follow this link. 

Speakers’ bio 

  • Pia Meling 

Pia Meling, Managing Director at Grieg Green, a world-leading ship recycling and sustainability services company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. She is a maritime expert, with diverse management roles at firms like Klaveness, Clean Marine, and Massterly, a pioneering operator of zero emission, autonomous vessels. She is also a board member for MPC Container Ships, GC Rieber Shipping, Grieg Connect, and Miros Mocean. Meling. Pia holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics, specializes in sustainable vessel management and has a track record of driving innovation in the industry. 

  • Jemish Donda 

Jemish Donda, a LLRC College graduate in Business Management, spearheads the family’s ship recycling Shree Ram Group business since 2008. He is a trained IHM Expert by DNVGL and achieved a milestone by making Shree Ram Group yards the first Hong Kong Convention and LR Class compliant in India. Shree Ram Group notable pilot projects include partnerships with industry front runners such as Maersk, Stolt Tankers, and Transocean, where he successfully channelled his accrued expertise in sustainable ship recycling practices. 

  • Dimitris Ayvatoglu

Dimitri is the Head of LEYAL’s Business Development & External Affairs since 2004. Spearheading over 500 vessel recycling projects, he pioneered Basel Convention applications and secured certifications like Lloyds Register HKC and EU approval. Advising Türkiye at the IMO, he co-shaped industry standards like RECYCLECON and co-founded ISRA. A respected global expert, he presents on ship recycling, holding degrees from MIT and Brown University in Ocean Systems, Mechanical Engineering, and Business Economics.

  • Walton Pantland 

Walton Pantland is the director for shipbuilding and shipbreaking for IndustriALL Global Union, a global union federation based in Geneva, Switzerland. IndustriALL represents 55 million workers in 160 countries in the mining, manufacturing and energy sectors, including shipbuilding and shipbreaking. He believes that healthy industrial relations and freedom of association are necessary for ship recycling to become a viable and sustainable industry. 

  • Mohammed Zahirul Islam 

Mohammed Zahirul Islam joined the family business in 2004 after completing his studies in Australia, at the University of Canberra. As Managing Director of PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the recycling facility which employs more than 300 workers and staff. Through significant investments, Mohammed has led the upgrade of the PHP ship recycling facility to make it the first operating ship recycling facility in Bangladesh to achieve the Hong Kong Convention Statement of Compliance.