NYK Line

1.5 - Company logo
1.1 - Primary company name

NYK Line

1.2 - Alternative company names


1.3 - Head office location

Tokyo, Japan

1.4 - Website


1.6 - Number of ships operated


1.6.1 - Number of ships owned


1.6.2 - Total DWT of ships owned


1.6.3 - Number of ships chartered


1.6.4 - Total DWT of ships chartered


1.8 - Please provide a brief introduction to your company

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) was founded in 1885 and is one of the world's leading transportation companies. At the end of September 2020, the NYK Group was operating 777 major ocean vessels, as well as fleets of planes and trucks. The NYK Group is based in Tokyo, employs about 35,000 people worldwide, and has regional headquarters in London, New York / New Jersey, Singapore, and Shanghai. On February 3, 2021, NYK released the NYK Group ESG Story, which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy. In order to continue to be a corporate group that remains essential to society and industry, the NYK Group aims to be a sustainable solution provider that creates new value while maximizing profits and achieving social and environmental sustainability from a long-term perspective.

1.9 - What is your overall approach / positioning on ship recycling?

In 2008, prior to the introduction of the Hong Kong Convention, NYK established the following ship-recycling policy, which incorporates the final draft of the convention, and we continually improve it. • An inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) is to be prepared for all ships owned by NYK and its group companies and kept on board. Ships that are likely to be dismantled will be given priority in the preparation of the IHM, and this document will be securely kept on board and presented at the time of delivery to the yard. • We will visit the yards that have been issued a Statement of Compliance under the convention by the classification societies, and the yard will be certified by us if it meets our own standards, which take into consideration ISO 14001/9001/30000/OHSAS 18001 certification. • We will periodically visit our certified yards to confirm that the level of environmental and occupational safety and health is maintained in accordance with our ship-recycling policy and standards. • We will use our own contract format for ship recycling, and after delivery to the yard, we will confirm the status of safety and environmental measures based on the contract and monitor the ship-recycling process.

2.1 - Does the company have a written policy on ship recycling for its owned vessels?


2.1.1 - Is it publicly available?


2.1.2 - Please provide a URL


2.1.3 - Since when has this policy been applied?


2.2 - Does the company keep records of ships which have been sent for recycling?


2.2.1 - Are the records public?


2.2.2 - Please provide a URL


2.4 - Does the EU Ship Recycling Regulation apply to the company’s owned ships?


2.4.1 - How many ships does the regulation apply to?


2.6 - Does the policy contain restrictions based on geography and/or recycling methods?


2.6.1 - Please provide further details

Our policy contains a geography restriction and limits recycling to green shipyards certified by the Hong Kong Convention.

2.7 - Does the company have a written policy for selecting a yard or buyer for recycling?


2.7.1 - Please provide further details including a URL if the policy is public

It's not public.

2.8 - Does the company make ship recycling part of the company’s sustainability goals?


2.9 - Does the company include ship recycling information in its sustainability reporting?


2.9.1 - Is this information verified by a third party?


2.10 - Does the company have a ship recycling standard* (or similarly named) in force?


2.10.1 - From when has this been in force?


3.1 - Does the company have a policy to promote responsible recycling of owned vessels sold for further trading?


3.1.1 - Please provide further details

The NYK sales form states that the vessel is sold for the purpose of trading only and shall not be scrapped directly after purchase by the buyers.

3.2 - Does the company impose legally binding covenants or offer commercial incentives to the buyer to encourage responsible ship recycling?


3.2.1 - Please provide further details

The NYK sales form states that the place of demolition must hold a valid Statement of Compliance with the HKC certified by Class NK and NYK.

3.3 - Does the company take steps to promote responsible recycling of vessels chartered for 5 years and over, released for redeployment or recycling?


3.4 - Does the company take steps to promote responsible recycling of vessels chartered for 2 years and over released for redeployment or recycling?


3.5 - Does the company take steps to promote responsible recycling of vessels owned through JVs?


3.5.1 - Please provide further details

We apply our Ship Recycling Policy to vessels owned by JVs in which NYK has a majority share.

4.1 - Does the company follow a Standard Contract for the sale of vessels for green recycling (e.g. RECYCLECON from BIMCO)?


4.1.1 - If an industry standard contract template used, please specify

NYK has its own contract template, which contains BIMCO RECYCLECON elements. Moreover, we remain committed to our responsibility of having the vessel placed in the agreed ship recycle facility by having our crew remain on board until the vessel reaches the facility.

4.2 - Does the contract include an explicit requirement to recycle the vessel at a specific ship recycling facility?


4.2.1 - Please provide further details

The NYK contract states that the place of demolition must hold a valid Statement of Compliance with HKC certified by Class NK and NYK.

4.4 - Does the contract require compliance with the company’s written policy on ship recycling?


4.5 - What protection is in place for the seller to ensure that milestones can be set, that access to the ship and monitoring can be maintained throughout the ship recycling process?

As per the contract, we request yards to provide a periodic and final report.

5.1 - Does the company have a Ship Recycling Plan for each vessel?


5.2 - Does the company provide the buyer or ship recycler with a Class approved IHM, at the time of finalising the ship recycling contract?


5.3 - Does the company provide all relevant ship certificates, plans, procedures and documents, to enable the yards to follow applicable ship recycling guidelines (and the relevant standards from question 2.2. that the company is aligned to)?


5.4 - Does the company have specific requirements for handling hazardous materials as listed in The Stockholm Convention?


5.4.1 - Please provide further details

We provide an IHM that meets the requirement of the HKC.

5.5 - If owning or operating tankers, does the company have specific requirements to ensure that tankers arrive at the Ship Recycling Facility in a condition ready for certification as Safe-for-entry or Safe-for-hot-work?


5.5.1 - Please provide further details

NYK has never sent tankers to ship recycling facilities, but we have following requirements. -Cargo tank cleaning with sea water -Gas Free -Sludge removal

6.1 - Does the company require the ship recycling facility to have a Hong Kong Convention statement of compliance issued by a Classification Society?


6.1.1 - Please provide further details

The NYK contract states that the place of demolition must hold a valid Statement of Compliance certified by Class NK.

6.2 - Does the company carry out additional audits to verify compliance prior to recycling?


6.2.1 - Please provide further details

As part of our recycling facility certification process, NYK sends an auditor to the facility.

6.3 - Does the company monitor yard compliance during the recycling process?


6.4 - Does the company have the contractual right to stop work at the facility, in case of unsafe operations or other non-compliances?


6.5 - Does the company require facilities to provide a process whereby yard workers can voice and resolve concerns and grievances regarding all workplace issues without fear of retribution?


6.6 - Does the company require facilities to enable yard workers to associate and bargain collectively?


7.1 - Please use this area to provide further information on the company’s approach to ship recycling if not already covered

The president of NYK is strongly committed to safe and environmentally friendly ship recycling. NYK has thus created the “ESG yardstick,” which is a way of heightening our sensitivity to social and environmental issues. Our recycling policy is continually updated through action plans based on this ESG yardstick. https://www.nyk.com/english/esg/esg-story/